A light-hearted event with a serious message

This Friday (3rd April 2020) was the Buckingham Table’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), and, due to the unusual circumstances in which the world finds itself, the event was held entirely online.

Men of Buckingham and the surrounding villages gathered in sheds, home offices, gararages, and family lounges, and, through the miracle of Cisco’s Webex technology, were brought together once more for a jovial and entertaining evening, hosted by Buckingham Chair, Paul Campbell.

The evening recapped the various charitable fundrasing endeavours of the previous 12 months, whilst paying special homage to the efforts put in by the Buckingham community to support its fellows.

The Buckingham Table’s stated aim is the raising and distributing of charitable funds within the Buckingham community, and for a recap of these distributions to date, please see the below tabbed table.

Buckingham Table recognises that over the coming months there will be a considerable need for the community to pull together and support one another, and as such, we are appealing for nominations for COVID 19 related causes that we can support.  If you, someone you know, or an organisation you support are in need of assistance, please reach out to us via our contact page at buckinghamtable.org/contact-us.

Thank you, and stay safe.

Buckingham AED project £ 250
Mackenzie Close £ 499
Buckingham Church (Stain Glass) £ 400
Buckingham Primary School (Library) £ 500
Ted Ambrose – Clic Sargeant (via Alex) £ 250
1st Maid Moreton Scouts (Lighting for field) £ 487
Medical Detection Dogs £ 500
Tingewick 1st Cubs £ 520
Friends of Finmere School £ 500
Tingewick Pre-School £ 500
Buckingham Town Council – Tree planting  £ 250
Total £ 4,656
Buckingham Royal Legion £ 100
Oli Hilsden fund £ 500
Gawcott & Hillesden Cricket Club £ 250
3rd Buckingham Scouts £ 100
Gawcott Pre-school £ 500
Buck Hospital coolers £ 485
Buck Rugby U11s £ 250
Tingewick FC £ 300
Bucks Royals Korfball Club £ 150
Heritage Care Grant, Winslow £ 396
Total £3030.82
Julie Styles Meningitis £ 672
Robyn’s Wheelchair fund £ 500
Friends of Options at Wells St £ 300
Maids Moreton Conservation £ 200
Lace Hill Tots £ 250
Buckingham Royal Legion £ 100
Autism Mental Health £ 200
Buckingham AED project £ 450
Total £ 2,672